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30-Jun-2020 15:01

As their first first viral video attests, Wesley Chan and Philip Wang have made it their life’s mission as filmmakers to prove one thing: Asian men are sexy. (“Glee”) as the leading man in their new mini-series, “Single By 30,” the point is moot.

In the series, Shum plays Peter, a nice guy living in Los Angeles working for the family business.

“You can try to picture Jelly Bellies moving around and painting a picture, but there’s nothing quite like seeing what it actually turned out to be.” By the numbers: Over those 22 months, it took three people 1,357 hours using those 288,000 jelly beans to make 2,460 individual frames (director Greg Jardin explains how in the video below), with each taking anywhere between five minutes and three hours. Grannis lays on the glass in various positions — which weren’t always easy.

Producer Daphne Raves revealed that Grannis was actually present in all of her Jelly Belly-backdrop scenes. “Head to the left,” Grannis said, mimicking Jardin. Arms down and hand up — these very strange positions,” Grannis laughed.

Not only does Kina Grannis sound sweet — she also looks it in her new video.

The You Tube sensation created a music video for her track ‘In Your Arms’ over 22 months using 288,000 (yes, you read that right! “I didn’t really know what to expect,” Grannis said. The jellybeans are covered by glass once they’re perfect.

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“Then I had to sit there and not move for about 20 minutes or so.” Raves teased Grannis: “Just one of the many ways we’ve tortured her with this video.” “It’s been such a labor of love,” Grannis said.Her lyrics tell a story, spill out emotions, and confront the eccentricities of life.Kina's ability to parallel the delicate nuances of her melodies with poignant observations on life, love and the many uses of pennies is superseded only by her transcendent voice, which rivals that of many of today's popular musicians.As a young girl Kina put on shows for her stuffed animals in front of the staircase.