Transition from dating to marriage candy clark dating

13-Jun-2020 19:06

"A new baby shifts the dynamic of the family," says Dr. "While you once focused solely on each other, now it's all about the baby." To avoid losing sight of your one-on-one relationship, don't wait until you feel like you have time to focus on each other, she says, because that time will never come on its own. You don't need to schedule weekend jaunts or even weekly dates if you're too tired or cash-strapped."Even spending 10 minutes together after dinner or when the [baby] is asleep can help you connect," Dr. Even if you barely speak and just cuddle on the couch for that 10 minutes, you'll get in the habit of connecting and will avoid losing sight of your relationship.For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health—your marriage vows hinted that you'd face hurdles along the way, but successfully navigating them as a couple can be harder than it seems.Whether it's because one of you becomes the caretaker of an aging parent, or because you have to uproot your family and move cross-country, major life transitions can put a strain on any relationship.

But as marriage experts tell us, we can prosper in marriage despite our aching relationship muscles.

For example, Collins encourages men to take leadership in their relationships, such as asking the father’s blessing before proposing, and initiating important, yet difficult conversations during engagement.